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Who are we?

We are the IATI Diversity and Inclusion committee, dedicated to improving the Israeli workforce through diversity and inclusion of all genders, religions, and backgrounds. With education, events and meetups, knowledge sharing, expandable toolbox, we work together to create a more inclusive and equal workplace for all companies in Israel.


What do we do?

We are on a mission to increase diversity and inclusion expressions throughout the Israeli hi-tech organizations. Not because it is a “nice thing to do”, or a checkmark in a politically correct agenda. Research shows that a diversified workplace is beneficial for your business, and the numbers prove that diversification can address the growing shortage of technology-trained employees in Israel.

Moreover, promoting diversity and access to all parts of society is a big step towards creating a more equal and optimistic community and building an environment where we can all live and work together. Therefore, we build bridges between different societies and the high-tech industry. Working with supporting organizations, government entities, and public-private partnerships, we provide tips, collect data and share our successes to create collaborations and synergy, resulting in a healthier work environment in Israel.


How can you be part of this?

The first step is to have an honest look and evaluate the situation within your organization and understand what is missing and what your needs are. You can read our tips to have a better perspective.

Next, define a target community that you would like to integrate into your organization and in which domain. It could be more than one or all of them, but remember that each community has its unique needs, and make sure you can support them before you go on.

When you are ready with these answers, contact us to join our efforts to promote diversity in your company:
[email protected]

Diversity & inclusion committee

Let’s work together to increase diversity and inclusion throughout all levels of Israeli hi-tech organizations

Supporting Companies

  • AT&T israel R&D Center
  • Nokia
  • Google
  • General Motors
  • CheckPoint
  • Cadence
  • Appsflyer
  • Pendo
  • SAP
  • Western Digital
  • Salesforce
  • Philips
  • KLA+
  • Intel
  • Meta