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Did you know?

The Arab society is around 20% of the population in Israel, yet less than 2% of the high-tech workforce.

We are in a wave in which both the government and private sector actively promote collaboration between high-tech companies and the Arab community and make this joint effort to be mutually beneficial for both sides.

To date, the number of Arab employees in high-tech companies is 20 times more than in 2008, and there is a significant rise in Arab students in STEM faculties.

However, the total number of Arab employees in high-tech is still very low, and we aim to change that.


Here’s how we plan to do that:

#1 Build Regional Community Centers
To promote leadership and academic excellence among students by providing knowledge and tools.

#2 Start at college
College prep program for high-school graduates with a technological major.
The program includes career planning, mentoring, lectures, and meetings onsite in collaboration with the industry

#3 Give everyone a chance
Fast-track training in high-tech subjects for non-academic high school graduates

#4 Direct connection to the industry
Internships for advanced STEM students in their final years of studies

#5 Promote excellence
Train honoree college graduates to management positions in high-tech and technological government units

#6 Adopting early-stage startups
Connect large high-tech to new initiatives and providing government help

#7 Improving needed infrastructure
Many of the Arab cities and villages suffer from poor infrastructure. Work with official entities to improve facilities such as digital infrastructure, industrial areas, entrepreneurial hubs, and more

Read more in our full 2020 report

Promoting high-tech and innovation in the Arab society – Policy statement by IATI, Deloitte, Tsofen (Hebrew)

Take your first steps

To diversify your workforce, you have to look for talent where you haven’t looked before, and be open to getting to know new cultures and needs. The following organizations can help you take your first steps:

  • The Portland Trust (TPT)

    The Portland Trust (TPT) is a non-profit ‘action tank’ established in 2003 with the mission of promoting peace and stability in the area through economic development. TPT Tel-Aviv is focused on enhancing economic opportunities for Arab and Haredi societies and other periphery communities. Their programs include various projects to promote integration into Israeli society through high-quality employability and developing economic opportunities. By creating unique models, TPT engages and leverages private sector actors and Governmental support in all our programs.

    Target audience: Arabs & Ultra-Orthodox

    Operating mode: Outsourcing  

    Education level: All

    Program name: The Portland Trust

    Are employers part of the admissions process? No

    Are employers part of the training? No

    More info

    The Portand Trust

      [email protected]

     Visit our website 

  • Tsofen

    Founded in 2008, Tsofen is a joint Arab & Jewish organization that promotes hi-tech in the Arab society as a lever for economic development and the creation of shared society in Israel. Driven by a vision of a shared society, we aim for a fair representation of Arabs in Israel’s booming hi-tech industry. Our mission is to integrate Arabs into Israel’s hi-tech sector and to bring hi-tech centers to Arab cities. Tsofen has won the Ministry of Labor tender and operate within the last 6 years in the northern part of Israel. 

    Target audience: Arab Israelis

    Operating mode: Direct placement 

    Education level: STEM degree 

    Program name: Tsofen

    Are employers part of the admissions process? Sometimes

    Are employers part of the training? Yes

    More info

      Tsofen presentation

      Ms. NAAMA NAGAR, Director of Resources Development – [email protected]

      Visit our Website

  • itworks

    Itwork’s mission is promoting urgent economic needs of marginalized groups by closing employment and income gaps while diversifying the high-tech skilled workforce. Since 2006, itworks has grown into one of Israel’s leading workforce development organizations, advancing employment to over 6,000 people of which more than 4,000 have been successfully placed. Itworks effective operational model within the ministry of labor’s tender, provides skilled Arab Engineers and STEM students a focused professional and cultural interventions, and single mothers with professional courses, coaching accompaniment and jobs opportunities. Itworks also offers QA course for individuals with physical or mental disabilities, and direct placement.

    Target audience: Arab Israelis

    Operating mode: Technical Courses, internships, and direct placement  

    Education level: STEM degree 

    Program name: FORSATECH, itworks

    Are employers part of the admissions process? Yes

    Are employers part of the training? Yes

    More info :

     ITWorks presentation

     Tal 050-7245837 – [email protected]

     Visit our website

  • Kav Mashve

    Kav Masvha is an organization dedicated to promoting Arab Israeli talents into leadership positions in the private and public sectors by creating a row of role models to pave the way and create a path for Arab Israelis and collaboration between Jews and Arabs. The organization builds programs for academic Arabs – students, graduates, and managers, on top of enrichment sessions and connecting to top companies in Israel. Thus, creating contact between quality employers and Arab Israeli talent.

    Target audience: Arab Israelis

    Operating mode: Direct employment

    Education level: High-school graduates

    Program name: Kav mashve

    Are employers part of the admissions process? No

    Are employers part of the training? No

    Visit our Website


    TALENTEAM is a head-hunting agency that specializes in identifying, recruitment and placement of academic talents mid management and executives from the Arab society. TALENTEAM provides a holistic solution – an innovative model leveraged by experts, a unique scalable database of talents focused on the STEM fields, at the same time building a shortlist of talents for the positions and accompanying the companies and talents during the recruitment and on-boarding process

    Target audience: Arab Israelis

    Operating mode: Direct employment

    Education level: Technological and non-technological B.A. and up

    Program name: Talenteam

    Are employers part of the admissions process? Sometimes

    Are employers part of the training? No

    More info :

     Talenteam presentation

      Fadi: 050-3089510 – [email protected]

    Visit our website

  • Lotus

    Lotus Association was created in 2007, and works to promote the high-tech integration of traditional Druze women and to increase the proportion of Arab women in high-tech. The association has initiated a year of training to which traditional and religious women with the potential to succeed in high-tech positions in remote work in leading companies. The association established the first Hi-Tech female space in Arab and Druze society located in Dalyat al-Carmel.

    Target audience: Women, Arab Israelis & Druze, Periphery

    Operating mode: Direct placement, Outsourcing

    Education level: STEM professional courses, Non-STEM bachelor’s degree + , STEM bachelor’s degree 

    Program name: Lotus

    Are employers part of the admissions process? Sometimes

    Are employers part of the training? Sometimes

    More info:

     Loutus presentation

     Maysa Halabi Alshekh, Founder&CEO – 0522906961 –  [email protected]

     Visit our website


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