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Did you know?

In 2003, only five Ethiopians Israelis were employed in Israeli high-tech companies.
Since then, the numbers are better, but are still far from where they should be. While the general employment of Ethiopian Israelis is fairly high, their percentage in high-tech companies is low.
They account for merely 0.01% of all high-tech employees, far from their percentage in the population.

A powerful combination of government support and private initiatives have brought about a surge of Ethiopian Israelis in high-tech companies. In the hope that this trend continues we anticipate that in the not-so-distant future we’ll see Ethiopian Israelis in big high-tech management positions.

Here’s what you can do to improve this situation

#1 Create collaborations.
Reach out to organizations such as ‘Tech-Career’ and others. This is almost the easy part – you get to sit back while they provide you with a list of excellent candidates with the updated training and hunger for success

#2 Location.
Unfortunately, the Ethiopian community resides mostly in the social and geographical periphery, so the common recruiting channels don’t always apply, especially at the early stages of their careers. That’s why the collaboration with the said organizations is critical and can be mutually beneficial.

#3 Be aware and caring.
When interviewing an Ethiopian Israeli candidate, do not address the elephant in the room. It brings no value and can give the feeling of patronization, or worse – making you seem as if you want to hire a “model” employee.

#4 Know your calendar.
The Ethiopian community celebrates events such as Sigad, and often, the more traditional employees will want to take participate. You can also choose to commemorate them in your company, thus promoting Ethiopian culture and bringing employees closer.

Take your first steps

To diversify your workforce, you have to look for talent where you haven’t looked before, and be open to getting to know new cultures and needs. The following organizations can help you take your first steps:

  • Tech-Career

    Since 2002, Tech-Career has worked to open up the Hi-tech industry to the Ethiopian Israeli community by creating a unique model of technological training. Based on the 90% success rate of our graduates, we used our expertise to develop a program which creates opportunities for other sectors of the population including Arabs, Ultra-Orthodox & the socially disadvantaged. This program is supported by the Ministry of Labor & JDC. At the conference we will co-present with WIX, one of our Hi-tech partners, to tell you how you too can be part of this success model to hire great, new employees.

    Target audience: Ethiopian Israelis, Orthodox, Women, Arab Israelis, People with Disability, Periphery

    Operating mode: Direct placement 

    Education level: Non-STEM degree 

    Program name: Tech-Career

    Are employers part of the admissions process? Yes

    Are employers part of the training? Yes

    More info

     Tech-Career Presentation

    053-3345685 (WhatsApp)-  [email protected]

    Visit our website

    ליצירת קשר: גיוס עובדים: מזל זאודה: [email protected]

    לשיתופי פעולה נוספים, מורית דרורי: שלו וובו    058-4172605


בכירי ההייטק יכשירו 10,000 חרדים, ערבים ואתיופים לעבודה בתחום בתוך שנתיים

בכירי ההייטק יכשירו 10,000 חרדים, ערבים ואתיופים לעבודה בתחום בתוך שנתיים

בכירי ההייטק יכשירו 10,000 חרדים, ערבים ואתיופים לעבודה בתחום בתוך שנתיים פאלו אלטו, קרן אינסייט ובכירים נוספים בענף מקימים פלטפורמה חדשה לגיוס והכשרת עובדים. היעד: להכשיר 10,000 עובדים ממגזרים שסובלים מתת ייצוג בענף לעבודה בחברות. יגובש הליך איתור וסינון מועמדים חדש וייערכו התמחויות בחברות השותפות

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  • InTech, מסלול מענקי חדשנות לבניית תכנית חשיפה להייטק ליוצאי אתיופיה


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