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Are you aware of disAbilities Month IATI?

December 3rd is recognized as the International Day of Persons with disAbilities. During the month, we celebrate equality and the accomplishments of these people. People with disAbilities are probably one of the largest diverse groups in every country. Some individuals are born with a disAbility, while others develop a disaAbility during the course of their lives. Depression was defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the #1 cause for misfunctioning around the world. Depression, just one of the recognized disAbilities, affects approximately 25% of the world population. As we move towards a more inclusive society, we must remember their challenges in the workplace and strive to reduce them. Here are a few ideas how you can commemorate this meaningful day and month in your workplace, virtually or in person: Meet People with disAbilities Meet with people and listen to their stories. You are welcome to join Differently Abled in Tech – a community that promotes this important initiative.

Here are a few Ideas

Here are a few ideas how to celebrate this powerful month in your workplace, virtually or in person:

Organize a Lecture

Organize a lecture (internal or external) by a public figure from the community or an employee who will share their personal story. It can be individuals with disAbilities or caregivers of children and family members with disAbilities. The key is to instill awareness by all employees of the struggles and journey that people with disAbilities often have to go through. You can finish this activity with an open question and answer session for managers and employees, challenging them to think about what they can do better to increase the number of employees with disAbilities in the workplace.

Consider High Tech professionals such as Ohad Yifrah and Neta Ganor, Paralympics winners such as Moran Samuel, Pascal Bercovitch, Noam Gershony, Keren Leibovitch, Anat Yahalom and more.

Ohad Yiftrah   |  Neta Ganor  |    Moran Samuel   |  Pascale Bercovitch   |   Noam Gershony  |  Keren Leibovitch     |  Anat Yahalom    


Happy Hour

Organize Whether you have one regularly or not, this is a wonderful opportunity to bring everyone together to support a worthy cause. You can do it simply by mentioning it, ordering refreshments, and decorating the office. You can order from suppliers with disAbilities, such as Elai’s Cupcakes, AllGood, And Joy, Dodo’s Animals just to name a few.

Elai Place   |  Cafe Tov Magashim  |    Andjoy   |  Dodo Animals    

It’s important to unite your company with messages of tolerance, acceptance and community.

Watch party of a relevant movie

Invite your employees to watch a movie and arrange a follow-up discussion. This thought-provoking activity can bring like-minded people together.
You can find a list of relevant movies:
Temple Grandin, The Rain Man, La Famille Bélier, Les Intouchables, Forrest Gump, My Left Foot and many more.  

Let us work ((תנו לעבוד – a Kan 11 series accompanying job seekers with disAbilities. 
“Sorry for the question” – a Kan 11 series (few chapters around disAbilities).    
The first chapter with Aviad – a talented QA job seeker on the Autistic spectrum   

All chpaters are recommended.  



Social awareness & targeted recruiting 

Show the world what you do! Use social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) to show your activities during the year to meet and include people with disAbilities. You can demonstrate how you are creating a more accessible workplace, both physically and emotionally to recruit employees with disAbilities and other activities supporting people with disAbilities and care-givers.
Use your website to encourage people with disAbilities to apply to your company. Indicate that people with disAbilities can both contribute and succeed. By displaying a tolerant workplace, you can recruit employees who seek such employers.
Three parallel models of employment:

1. Direct Tailored / Adjusted) Hiring – An employee with disAbilities who has been hired via regular, yet tailored to their unique needs.processes. These employees can be accompanied by appropriate organizations, but many are not accompanied at all.

2. Group Hiring – A group of employees with disAbilities can be accompanied by rehabilitation/therapy experts.

3. Bootcamp – Training people with disAbilities as a group in the company. At the end of the process, some will be hired as employees, and the others will have major reinforcement in looking for employment in their field.


Define initiatives and plans to increase awareness
Start planning and doing – You can initiate a support group for care-givers for children and people with disAbilities.

A day on the farm   



Whether just one-time or ongoing, disAbilities month is a good time to initiate volunteering with different organizations and NGOs to assist job seekers with disAbilities.
You can use your professional experience to create a mentoring program for people with disAbilities helping job seekers with disAbilities.

Have more ideas? Anything you’d like to share? Let us know!

Any inquiries regarding employment of people with disAbilities, or any related subject? feel free to contact Avital Yanovsky – [email protected].

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