Diversity & InclusionPodcastsIATI Decisions: Karin Mayer Rubinstein & Gilad Bregman

IATI Decisions: Karin Mayer Rubinstein & Gilad Bregman

Karin talks about leading IATI (Israel Advanced Technology Industries Association). In Israel (and many other places), IATI is the “voice” of the tech industry and plays a leading and significant role in the ecosystem that includes government, education, the IDF, VCs, MNCs, growth companies and so forth.

Karin discusses the main challenges facing the industry:
What will happen to the low-tech industries if everyone starts working in the high-tech sector?
What are the KPIs for Israeli companies, according to Karin?
How IATI could be beneficial to Israeli companies, early-stage startups, among others?
How does IATI motivates and promotes the ecosystem as the main growth engine of the economy?