Women Month

Diversity & InclusionWomen Month

March, the month of women

Did you know?

More than 50% of Israeli technological companies have less than 2 women in the executive management level

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Want to celebrate women? Commemorate this powerful month and make a real difference? 

Here are a few ideas: 


Organize a lecture (internal or external) by a public figure or an employee who will share their personal story. This may be any woman who can act as a role model inside or outside the company. There are two main directions you can take this to. One could be an inspiring woman who is an entrepreneur and is a CEO of a company. Another direction can be an inspiring lecture such as Judith Katz who talks about Positive Psychology or any other inspiring lecture. You can finish this activity with an open Q&A session for managers and employees, challenging them to think about what more they can do to increase the number of women employees in the workplace.

הרצאות מרתקות לאירועים מנצחים “רוח נשית”  |    הרצאות ליום האישה Speaxit 

Happy Hour

You can organize various activities to empower your female employees, or simply to raise awareness to this important month. You can find some great ideas here.


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Workshops and Activities

WhetheYou can organize various activities to empower your female employees, or simply to raise awareness to this important month. 

You can find some great ideas here: Funzing


Watch Party

You can find a list of relevant movies and invite all your employees o watch it, and perhaps follow up with a discussion. A though-provoking activity, that can bring people together in one place and one mindset. You can also find Ted talks and other similar concepts and gather your employees together to watch them.

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Whether just a one-off or ongoing, Women’s Month is a good time to initiate volunteering with different organizations that help women. This may be hostels and centers for women and their children who have suffered from violence, or other organizations that help women at different stages of their lives. Such an activity can prove extremely meaningful both for the community as well as the employees.

Women organizations and NGOs in Israel Israeli Women’s Lobby  |    Shevyon Woman in tech  |  Shavot  |    Women in high-tech 

ERG Form Unions/Leagues

Do you have designated groups, guilds, or leagues in your company? Well, this is a great time to start! While there are countless groups you can have – from professional to location-based groups, an LGBTQ+ league can bring such employees together, promote more to join your organization, and give them a real place in the company. Just remember, starting the group is the easy part, but you’ll need at least one active member who will work to create events and more. Another suggestion is to connect it to a senior manager, to make it more formal.

Empowering the community

Create an event that is all about the women in your company. Each woman brings something, and everyone can eat and drink together from the food that was brought. Each woman can also bring a small gift and put it in a common basket. At the end of the activity, each woman takes one of the gifts from the basket.This can be something small with a small greeting – who you are and why you picked to give this present. Another idea is to have round tables where you can not only share and discuss, but also come up with actual ideas and solutions to improve women’s representation in your company.

Social awareness & targeted recruiting

Show the world what you do! Use the social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) to show that you are take equality seriously. You can share the different activities you are doing and promote recruiting more women to create a more diverse workplace. Showing you are creating a tolerant atmosphere at work can bring new employees who actively seek such employers. This can be done by creating positions targeting women or even written for women (especially in Hebrew). You can also partner with different organizations that connect and help recruit women. Check out the list of such organizations below.

Activity: You Can’t Ask That (סליחה על השאלה)

A wonderful way to break the ice and allow an open conversation that otherwise would be tricky. Similar to the popular TV show, get employees to submit questions anonymously and have women in your company answer them, live or on video. Of course, not every question should be accepted, but this provides an opportunity for both sides to ask and answer questions.

Send daily spotlight on inspiring women

Do you have a company-wide communication channel? MS Teams, Slack, etc.? Use this platform to send a daily spotlight of inspiring women, global or from your company. It can be a woman who has a well-known inspiring story (such as Mother Theresa), or a female employee who is willing to share her story or experience. Don’t forget, each and every of us have a story to tell. You can also do it externally and share them on your social media.

Have more ideas? Anything you’d like to share? Let us know!

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